mt. Saturn Studio

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Mt. Saturn Studio is an analog studio with full digital capabilities, owned and operated by Brian Olive, known for his work on the Grammy Award winning album, Locked Down by Dr. John. Located at the edge of one of the country’s largest urban forests, Mt. Saturn is an escape within the city. Attention out-of-town artists: Mt. Saturn now offers overnight accommodations on premises.

Now booking for Winter 2018-2019. Check for availability by filling out the contact form here or calling us at 513.429.6616.

Electric Citizen Feb. 2018

Electric Citizen Feb. 2018


Control Room: Opamp Labs 202 Console, Otari MK3-8 Reel-to-Reel, Urei LA-4 Compressor, MAAG EQ2 (pair), Dynaudio BM5A Monitors, Royer 121 Microphone (Contact for full gear list or if you have any questions).